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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Chapter 7
     Sere was packing something in her bag before Sonic, China, Chip, and her leave back to Tails’ house. After putting some stuff in, Sere zipped up her backpack and told everyone that she was ready. Then, they went out of the mountain and towards Tails’ house. On their way there, they were walking through the woods when a flash of light came in front of them. It was Black Doom again…and he looked incredibly pissed. “Sere!” he started, “I’m going to kill you for this!”
    Sere responded with sarcasm in her voice. “Why? I didn’t do anything wrong.”
    “You tricked me by giving me fake chaos emeralds. If you don’t bring me the real ones, you will suffer the consequences.” Black Doom then began to disappear. “In the meantime, you can have some fun with my minions.”
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Ch. 6
    Sere and Sonic were snuggled up at the fire. Sonic was asleep while Sere was thinking. For most of the night she had been awake, snuggled into Sonic’s arm. She was contemplating a life decision, something she knew would forever change her life…whether it was for better or worse, she had no idea.
    {The next day…}
    Sere woke up in the crystal cave wrapped up in Sonic’s arm. He was still in his werehog form so; she decided to get a good look at ‘Sonic the Werehog’. She started to feel his fur. It was soft and fluffy. Sere looked down at Sonic’s face. She could see his fangs sticking out of his mouth. She was studying everything about
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Ch. 4+5
    Chapter 4
    {Few months later, in the evening…}
    Time had passed and the blue blur got to know this mysterious fox better, heading to see her in Spagonia whenever he had free time. His team wasn’t exactly so keen on having her around, which is why they all made a unanimous agreement to “watch” her. So that’s exactly what Sonic did, watch her…and recently invite her out to a late night “date”. “So, what are you going to do?” Tails asked Sonic while he was working out. It was sunset, so, he was still Sonic the Werehog. “I don’t know, maybe dinner or something,” Sonic answered while doing pull-ups.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Ch. 3
    Chapter 3
    Within seconds, Sonic ran throughout the city to Sere’s hotel. Sonic put her down gently bridal style. Sere’s hair and fur were on end, blown back from the wind that recently pushed it. Running her hands through it to brush it down, the fox started to laugh. “That is the greatest fun I’ve ever had in mere seconds!” she exclaimed. Sonic could only smile at her. “Well, it’s late and I should be getting some sleep. Thanks…for today. I had a good time.” Sonic dramatically bowed in response. “No problem. It was cool hanging out with you.” Adjusting herself and her items, Sere smiled at the hedgehog before walking through the swinging doors, until she felt a hand gently touch her shoulder. She turned around to find the hedgehog still there, a look of urgency on his face. “What are you doing tomorrow?” he suddenly asked.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Chapter 2
    Sonic and Sere were walking along the beach, watching the sunset below the ocean. “Does this make up for leaving you hanging at the café?” Sonic asked. “…Hm, maybe,” Sere answered, smirking at the hedgehog. They kept walking along the beach, Sere occasionally picking up a shell and tossing it into the sea. “This is nice,” Sere muttered. “So,” Sonic cut in, clapping his hands together. “Where did you come from?” Sere stopped walking and looked at the hedgehog, who stopped shortly after her. “Why ask it like that? You make it sound like I’m an alien or something,” Sere commented jovially. Sonic chuckled himself saying, “I didn’t mean to ask it like that, I was just asking—““What’s my backstory, don’t worry, I could tell. Well, there’s not a whole lot I can share.” “Why is that?” The fox looked towards the sunset
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Sonic the Werehog Zeti by Scarlet245 Sonic the Werehog Zeti :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 0 0
Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction Prologue+Chapter 1
    Have you ever gone through some things in your life, and just want to get away from it all? Well, I have and did.  For a long time. If people have told you, life may be crappy at first, but in the end everything is going to turn out great…don’t believe them. That’s what I learned on my own. I waited and waited for things to change…but they never did. Until one faithful day. I was living in Spagonia at the time, about to go start my day. Instead of doing what I normally do, however, I end up meeting one of the fastest creatures on the planet and challenge him to run all over creation to complete my grocery list. It sounds weird, I know but it will make sense the more you read. Besides that day, I saw this hedgehog multiple times and hung out with him.
    To be completely honest, he opened my eyes about the very thing I’ve always hated: life. I always saw it as a hellho
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A Vampire's Lullaby
A Vampire’s Lullaby
Quiet yourself and rest now, my dear
I’ll make sure to chase away all of your fears
While you sleep here, safe in my arms
The night is young and I’m still awake
Gazing deeply at your beautiful, angelic face
As you sleep here, safe in my arms
I watch the moonlight glimmer of your skin
And watch the blood flow deep within
As you sleep here, safe in my arms
The taste of your kiss, the taste of your blood
Would make my heart beat if it could
The pleasure felt, the innocence taken
All of these feelings newly awakened
My fingers trace slowly along your veins
Only a thin layer away makes me go insane
As you lay here, safe in my arms
You turn over and bury your face in my chest
While I press my lips to you neck and give my fangs a test
As you lay here, safe in my arms
I pull you closer and hold you tight
While you finally relax form the last bite
As you lay here, safe in my arms
The taste of your kiss, the taste of your blood
Would make my heart beat if it co
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     Sere was packing something in her bag before Sonic, China, Chip, and her leave back to Tails’ house. After putting some stuff in, Sere zipped up her backpack and told everyone that she was ready. Then, they went out of the mountain and towards Tails’ house. On their way there, they were walking through the woods when a flash of light came in front of them. It was Black Doom again…and he looked incredibly pissed. “Sere!” he started, “I’m going to kill you for this!”

    Sere responded with sarcasm in her voice. “Why? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “You tricked me by giving me fake chaos emeralds. If you don’t bring me the real ones, you will suffer the consequences.” Black Doom then began to disappear. “In the meantime, you can have some fun with my minions.”


    A group of monsters appeared in front of Sere, Sonic, China, and Chip. They were blocking the path towards Tails’ house. “Alright, so here’s what were going to do,” Sonic started, but before he could finish, Sere screamed and jumped on one of the enemies. They both fell down, and then she did a back flip and double-kicked the two other enemies. She threw her backpack on one of the branches and said, “If you want it so badly, you have to go through me to get to it.” Then the whole group ran towards her. Sere held them off as best as she could with fast kicks, but she had no strength to keep them at bay. “Uh guys?!” the fox yelled to the others. “A little help please?!” China and Chip immediately dropped to the ground and used their gems.

    Lights of their gem colors surrounded them. It grew in size, measuring up to Sonic’s height. Once it dispersed, China and Chip looked about the same, except for having some type of Gaian armor on. They both had cuffs, anklets, and headgear with their gem in it on. Chip specifically had chest armor on, while China had a choker. Chip was heftier, having everything but his fairy wings, but China was still slim, having her wings. Chip looked to China, who also made eye contact. “Let’s go,” was all he said before they both charged into the battle. Sonic was still behind, his brain trying to catch up on the recent events. He had no idea Chip could do that, he didn’t understand why Black Doom was after Sere, how Sere was able to even fight like that… He had so many questions on his brain, they were all immediately put on halt when a cry of pain reached his ears.

    Chip was dealing with one of the bigger monsters, while China was trying to help Sere out of the grasp of another. This monster was thin and slender, able to wrap its arms around the red violet fox. It didn’t have any eyes or a nose, just a mouth with grotesque teeth and a snake-like tongue. It had claws as well, digging into Sere’s leg. China was trying to find a way to get it off her, but two others jumped her to keep her distracted. Sere struggled as much as she could, but it only made the claws sink deeper into her leg. She cried out again, which fully took Sonic out of his daze. No time to think, his friends needed help! Sonic brought his arms and leg up and sped off towards Chip, who was in a strength contest with one of the creatures. The blue hedgehog spin-dashed onto its back, getting it to let go of the Gaian and focus on him. It reached behind to its back, but because of its large build, the monster couldn’t reach Sonic, who was still hanging on.

    Chip put a leg back for leverage and jumped head first into the monster’s stomach, knocking it backwards. Sonic jumped down and curled into a ball, making the monster slip farther back and fall onto a tree. The monster was in a daze at first, but was out like a light when a rouge tree branch came down and landed abruptly on its head. Sonic uncurled himself and looked to Chip. He smiled at his friend, who had the same response towards their teamwork. Their victory was short-lived, however, when another cry came from Sere. She was jumping frantically to get out the monster’s grasp. She was trying her best to ignore the strong, forceful grip it had on her leg. The wound was bleeding incessantly, burning with every move she made. But she had no other choice. She wasn’t going down easily, especially not like this. She knew she wasn’t going without a fight.

    Suddenly, the slim creature screeched in Sere’s ear, making her cringe at the deafening noise. Shaking off the pain, she looked over to see Chip with his fists up. He had punched the monster in the side of its head. The fox looked up into the sky to see a blur coming towards her. She couldn’t make it out at first for it was in the light of the sun. The closer it got, however, the more she realized she needed to duck. Sonic shot down from the sky and spin kicked the demon, which made it instinctively let go. Sere fell on her knees, watching the blood trickle down her thigh to the ground below. It was left up to Chip and Sonic to take care of the grotesque demon. China ran over to Sere to help her up. “Can you stand?” The female Gaian asked. Sere nodded in response. China hoisted her onto her shoulder, helping her up.

    “I’m going to get you out of here. Sonic and Chip can handle the rest.” China started to walk farther away from the battle, Sere limping next her. But something struck her. She remembered why she was fighting in the first place. Sere’s head whipped around to look at a nearby tree. It had a black bag hanging freely from a branch…and two other monsters reaching to grab it. “Get away from that!” The fox screamed. She hopped off China and charged at the creatures, ignoring how much her thigh was burning. The first monster prepared for the fox hit it low, but Sere stopped and brought her leg up, roundhouse kicking it in the face. The first monster hit the tree, so the second tried to grab the bag and make a break for it. However, it was too slow, for Sere used her momentum to body slam it into the same tree.

    Both monsters were knocked out cold. Chip and Sonic finished off the slender creature. China flew up to grab the bag and bring it back down to Sere. Slipping it on her back, Sonic and Chip walked up to them. “You mind telling me what THAT was all about?” Sonic demanded, gesturing towards the pile of unconscious monsters. Sere and China looked at each other before looking back at hedgehog. “Could we wait until we get to your friend’s place?” The fox asked. Sonic and Chip could only look at each other before agreeing.



    {At Tails’ house}

    “Where the heck could they be?” Tails asked, pacing back and forth in the living room. “I don’t know, they could have gone somewhere,” Knuckles answered, looking at the TV. “I bet they probably went inside the mountain to go make out,” Shadow said, sensing some kind of hatred in his voice. Just then, someone threw a pillow in his face and said, “You better take that back or I’ll give you more than a pillow to the face.” Everyone looked behind them to see Sere, Sonic, China, and Chip standing and the door. China and chip were back in their small, regular forms as well, both flying through the air. “Where were you guys?” Tails asked, running up to Sonic. “We spent the night up in the mountain,” Sere answered. “We also made a new friend, sort of,” Sonic added in. Just then, China came out from behind Sere, seeming very nervous at the moment.

    Everyone looked at her, but Tails was the first to say hi. China was very shy and didn’t know how to respond. Then, Shadow and Knuckles said hi and so did Amy and Blaze. The feline made her way to Tails’ house last night for unknown reasons. After everyone said hi to China, she was finally able to respond back, but her voice cracked. After greeting everyone, Sere and Sonic went upstairs. They went into a room and closed the door. “Alright Sere, I want answers,” Sonic started, “1) why was Black Doom after you, 2) where did you learn to fight like that and, 3) what’s in the bag?” Sere stood there for a second. Then she opened the bag and threw it on the floor. 4 out of the 7 chaos emeralds rolled out onto the floor, glittering in the sunlight from the window. Sere paused before continuing. “…I’ve been stealing these for him for a couple months now. It’s part of that…agreement you heard about earlier.” Sonic only looked at her.

    “I became his servant, which meant I was to follow his orders, every single one of them. One of the assignments he gave me…was to gather the Chaos Emeralds for him.” Sonic still listened and stood quiet. “I was doing it at first, until you stopped me. I was trying to get hold of the blue emerald, but I was too late. So…he assigned me to you. And it wasn’t to keep an eye on you.” Sonic still didn’t say anything. “Look, your friends have a reason to not trust me, but as you could tell, I’m not helping him anymore. Please, they don’t have to trust me, but I at least want you to. I need your help.” Sere was expecting the worst from Sonic, not expecting his gratitude…but became surprised. ”I’ll help you,” was Sonic’s response. Sere started to smile until Sonic said, “But, we have to inform the others about this.” She quickly grabbed his arm before he left the room and said, “No, I don’t want the rest of your friends getting hurt. I have a friend of mine though that can help us. Don’t tell anyone, ok?” Sonic stood there and answered ok. They then walked downstairs until Sonic asked, “Also, where did you learn to fight like that?”

    “I’ve been taking mixed martial arts since I was 10. I’m also fully trained in using weapons,” Sere answered with a smirk. Sonic could only think about the fact that she could probably beat him in sparing…maybe.

Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Chapter 7
Another fight scene (I think). I haven't been on here in a while so I've forgotten what I've already uploaded lol. Besides that, I've also been busy with school so now that I have a break, here's another chapter for you. Enjoy

Sonic and the characters and settings belong to sega
Sere belongs to me



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

If you guys didn't know, I have a YouTube channel! My friends and I decided to work together to express different things on the original channel I made a couple years back. I have like 3 videos on there right now (just crap I stuck on there), but we'll be putting more up soon enough. I have a number of friends helping me out with it. We're going to post the music we play, the games we play, and challenges we're going to do as well. It's about to be awesome. Hope you guys enjoy it when it comes around!

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