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Sonic the Hedgehog Chapter 10
    The group was transported somewhere far from the Babylon Rogues. However, they were still in Future City, flying aimlessly about. “Okay, where the heck are we?” Tekem asked. “I don’t recognize this part of the city!” “I don’t know!” Sere answered. “I just took us somewhere that was a considerable amount of distance from Jet and the others.” Sere went to scratch her wrist when she felt something sticky on her fingers. “Ahhhh!!” she screamed upon looking down. Sonic, Tekem, and the guardians looked over to see something dangling from Sere’s fingers. “Bring your hand over,” Sonic asked, holding out his paw. Sere grabbed his paw and he examined the material stuck to her fingernails. “Is this…fur?” he asked. Shining in the moonlight, the small patches indeed looked like fur. Something else that caught his attention was what color the patches were. “Is thi
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Chapter 9
    Before the group could be on their way back home, Tekem wanted to try out the Extreme Gear, so they went to the top of the maintenance shop. “Are you sure this is going to work?” Sonic asked. “I am 99.99% sure that this will work,” Tekem answered. “So, you’re not sure?” Sonic asked in a serious voice. Tekem stood there for a moment and then answered, “Yep!” in a cheery voice. Sonic just sighed in misery.
    “You’re the first to test the official brand of this thing,” Sere said, pushing Sonic towards the edge. “Wait a sec, I thought others had already bought this stuff?” Sonic asked. “I mean yeah, but they had to send it back to me since I was still trying to get the kinks out of it,” Tekem answered, scratching the back of he
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Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic Chapter 8
    “Hey, we’ll be right back ok? We’re going out to Future City to go get something,” Sonic told Tails. “Wait, why? You just got back from last night’s events,” Tails asked. “Don’t worry two tails, we’re just going to get some things. We couldn’t find them in stores here so we’re heading out that way,” Sere cut in, trying to sound as innocent as possible. Tails eyed both of them at first, suspicious of What Sere had planned, but he agreed nonetheless. “Just…don’t take too long,” was the fox said before going back to his work. Sonic only nodded while Sere pulled him out the door. After it closed, Shadow turned his direction towards the two-tailed fox. “You trust her?” was all he asked. “No…but do we really have much of a choice right now? If she’s with Sonic, we have eyes on her. Let’s just hope Sonic isn’t falling for her.&
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Chapter 7
     Sere was packing something in her bag before Sonic, China, Chip, and her leave back to Tails’ house. After putting some stuff in, Sere zipped up her backpack and told everyone that she was ready. Then, they went out of the mountain and towards Tails’ house. On their way there, they were walking through the woods when a flash of light came in front of them. It was Black Doom again…and he looked incredibly pissed. “Sere!” he started, “I’m going to kill you for this!”
    Sere responded with sarcasm in her voice. “Why? I didn’t do anything wrong.”
    “You tricked me by giving me fake chaos emeralds. If you don’t bring me the real ones, you will suffer the consequences.” Black Doom then began to disappear. “In the meantime, you can have some fun with my minions.”
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Ch. 6
    Sere and Sonic were snuggled up at the fire. Sonic was asleep while Sere was thinking. For most of the night she had been awake, snuggled into Sonic’s arm. She was contemplating a life decision, something she knew would forever change her life…whether it was for better or worse, she had no idea.
    {The next day…}
    Sere woke up in the crystal cave wrapped up in Sonic’s arm. He was still in his werehog form so; she decided to get a good look at ‘Sonic the Werehog’. She started to feel his fur. It was soft and fluffy. Sere looked down at Sonic’s face. She could see his fangs sticking out of his mouth. She was studying everything about
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Ch. 4+5
    Chapter 4
    {Few months later, in the evening…}
    Time had passed and the blue blur got to know this mysterious fox better, heading to see her in Spagonia whenever he had free time. His team wasn’t exactly so keen on having her around, which is why they all made a unanimous agreement to “watch” her. So that’s exactly what Sonic did, watch her…and recently invite her out to a late night “date”. “So, what are you going to do?” Tails asked Sonic while he was working out. It was sunset, so, he was still Sonic the Werehog. “I don’t know, maybe dinner or something,” Sonic answered while doing pull-ups.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Ch. 3
    Chapter 3
    Within seconds, Sonic ran throughout the city to Sere’s hotel. Sonic put her down gently bridal style. Sere’s hair and fur were on end, blown back from the wind that recently pushed it. Running her hands through it to brush it down, the fox started to laugh. “That is the greatest fun I’ve ever had in mere seconds!” she exclaimed. Sonic could only smile at her. “Well, it’s late and I should be getting some sleep. Thanks…for today. I had a good time.” Sonic dramatically bowed in response. “No problem. It was cool hanging out with you.” Adjusting herself and her items, Sere smiled at the hedgehog before walking through the swinging doors, until she felt a hand gently touch her shoulder. She turned around to find the hedgehog still there, a look of urgency on his face. “What are you doing tomorrow?” he suddenly asked.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Chapter 2
    Sonic and Sere were walking along the beach, watching the sunset below the ocean. “Does this make up for leaving you hanging at the café?” Sonic asked. “…Hm, maybe,” Sere answered, smirking at the hedgehog. They kept walking along the beach, Sere occasionally picking up a shell and tossing it into the sea. “This is nice,” Sere muttered. “So,” Sonic cut in, clapping his hands together. “Where did you come from?” Sere stopped walking and looked at the hedgehog, who stopped shortly after her. “Why ask it like that? You make it sound like I’m an alien or something,” Sere commented jovially. Sonic chuckled himself saying, “I didn’t mean to ask it like that, I was just asking—““What’s my backstory, don’t worry, I could tell. Well, there’s not a whole lot I can share.” “Why is that?” The fox looked towards the sunset
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Sonic the Werehog Zeti by Scarlet245 Sonic the Werehog Zeti :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 0 0
Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction Prologue+Chapter 1
    Have you ever gone through some things in your life, and just want to get away from it all? Well, I have and did.  For a long time. If people have told you, life may be crappy at first, but in the end everything is going to turn out great…don’t believe them. That’s what I learned on my own. I waited and waited for things to change…but they never did. Until one faithful day. I was living in Spagonia at the time, about to go start my day. Instead of doing what I normally do, however, I end up meeting one of the fastest creatures on the planet and challenge him to run all over creation to complete my grocery list. It sounds weird, I know but it will make sense the more you read. Besides that day, I saw this hedgehog multiple times and hung out with him.
    To be completely honest, he opened my eyes about the very thing I’ve always hated: life. I always saw it as a hellho
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(Old Character) Victoria Hogas by Scarlet245 (Old Character) Victoria Hogas :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 0 0 Bonnie the Bunny by Scarlet245 Bonnie the Bunny :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 0 0 A Different Rachel by Scarlet245 A Different Rachel :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 1 0 Sonic Fun Times Pt. 2 (final) by Scarlet245 Sonic Fun Times Pt. 2 (final) :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 0 0 Spider-man fan-made character designs by Scarlet245 Spider-man fan-made character designs :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 0 0 Chibi Markiplier by Scarlet245 Chibi Markiplier :iconscarlet245:Scarlet245 0 0


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    The group was transported somewhere far from the Babylon Rogues. However, they were still in Future City, flying aimlessly about. “Okay, where the heck are we?” Tekem asked. “I don’t recognize this part of the city!” “I don’t know!” Sere answered. “I just took us somewhere that was a considerable amount of distance from Jet and the others.” Sere went to scratch her wrist when she felt something sticky on her fingers. “Ahhhh!!” she screamed upon looking down. Sonic, Tekem, and the guardians looked over to see something dangling from Sere’s fingers. “Bring your hand over,” Sonic asked, holding out his paw. Sere grabbed his paw and he examined the material stuck to her fingernails. “Is this…fur?” he asked. Shining in the moonlight, the small patches indeed looked like fur. Something else that caught his attention was what color the patches were. “Is this…your fur??” he asked.

    Sere looked back at her bracelet. Indeed, patches of open skin were around her bracelet and lines started to creep up more on her arm, causing Sere to become dizzy once again. “Hey, don’t worry, we got you,” Tekem said. The two friends held Sere by her arms, flying off towards the moon. “Do you think we should still make our way to your friend’s place?” Tekem asked. Sonic looked up into the sky, noticing the moon and many stars that were there. “Maybe it is a little late,” he finally answered. “You got somewhere we could crash? I’ll call Tails in the morning and tell him what’s up.” “Yeah,” Tekem answered. “You can crash at my shop…if I could find out where we are first.” “Maybe I can help.” “How?” Sonic started to scan the city for Tekem’s maintenance shop, his sight 10X better than it normally was. “Your maintenance shop is blue, right?” he asked, still scanning. “Rusted some, but yes, it is.”

    After scanning for the next couple of minutes, Sonic said, “Hey, I think I found it!” He pointed down below to a small building, some sides of it having rust running down its walls. “Yep that’s it! Nice going, werewolf boy,” Tekem smirked. Sonic chuckled and said sarcastically, “Please, just call me ‘Werehog’. Everyone else does.” “True, that makes a lot more sense. Let’s just get Sere inside, she looks pale.” The team then flew down to the shop, taking their gear off and locking the doors, closing shop. “Ok, there’s only one extra room in the back I have, but there’s a couch out here I have that one of you guys could sleep on so, just choose. I’ll be in my room,” Tekem said, Drake following her to her room. Sonic took his gear off and then Sere’s, who was too weak to even walk now. “Don’t worry,” Sonic whispered. “I got you.” Sonic picked her up bridal style and walked to the extra room in the back. Opening the door, he saw it had a small twin bed, with a dresser and a working TV.


    Sonic walked over to the bed and gently placed Sere down onto it. Sere opened her eyes to look up at him, but she seemed groggy, too tired to keep them open. “You go ahead and get some rest,” Sonic cooed. “I’ll go sleep on the couch. I won’t be far.” He started to walk away and close the door until his ear twitched at a faint moan. He turned around to see Sere, trying to pull herself out of the bed. He quickly walked back over and grabbed her hands. “Hey, what are you doing?” he asked. “I…need to…teleport us back to Tails’ house. We need to…be there,” Sere struggled to answer. Sonic lightly grabbed her arm and picked her up, placing her back onto the bed. “It’s fine,” he said. “We’ll just leave early in the morning. No big deal.” “No! We need to be there now! Black Doom…I can sense him with the bracelet…he’s coming…for me. I need to be somewhere safe! Before I’m dead!”

    Sere tried to get out of Sonic’s grasp, but there was no use struggling. Sonic had a firm grip on her wrists. “Let go of me!” Sere still tried to struggle, until her wrist started to hurt again. She stopped and grabbed it, crying; “My wrist! It hurts!” Sonic let go and looked, seeing more of her fur was falling off into his paw. Not only that, but her entire arm was now covered in the unusual lines; they traveled up onto her neck and shoulder. Her arm also looked incredibly thin, being able to see her bones almost. “Oh my gosh, Sere! Your arm looks…” Sonic started, but Sere tried to push him. “I don’t care how it looks!” she squealed. “I just need to be somewhere safe!” Sonic quickly wrapped Sere in his arms, hindering her from moving. “Listen,” he whispered. “Calm down. You are somewhere safe. You’re with me. Nothing’s going to hurt you…I’m here to protect you. I promise.”

    Sere laid against his chest, tired from moving about so much. She looked up at him, tears running down her face. “I…I don’t want to die. I want to live…and be happy…with Tekem…and China…and you. Please, I would understand if you don’t fully trust me, but I’m begging you. Please…save me.” Sonic could feel her tears run down the fur on his chest. “I promise Sere,” he whispered, bringing her close to his snout. “I’ll protect you. I won’t let Black Doom get to you. You’re not going to die.” “Yes, I will. This bracelet’s killing me. I can’t take it off and it’s killing me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know…” Sere began crying profusely on Sonic’s chest, the tears running down her neck and onto her clothes. Sonic didn’t know what to say, only held her close to him, leaning up against adjacent wall. He leaned her head onto his shoulder, and started to rock back and forth, very slowly. He crossed his legs, letting her body rest against them. Sere’s tails wrapped around her and his legs, creating a barrier for them both.

    Suddenly, it started to rain outside. Sonic could hear it hit the pipes just outside running along the building. While rocking, Sonic noticed Sere’s crying slowing down, calming down to the occasional sniffle and her wiping her face or nose. “It’s ok,” he started again. “I’m not going let anything hurt you. I’m right here. No matter what anyone says, I’ll always be here for you. I’m not leaving you alone.” Sere could only curl herself a little tighter, laying her hand against his chest, able to not only hear, but feel his heartbeat. It was a steady rhythm, something to easily fall asleep to. Sere started to close her eyes, listening to his heart, immersing herself in calmness. For the next couple of hours throughout the night, Sonic held Sere in the same position, slowly rocking back and forth, listening to the heavy rain fall against the windows, Sere letting the moment take her, no longer fighting back. Just staying still, letting whatever was to happen…happen.



    {About 5:00 in the morning…}

    The sun hadn’t come up yet, but Drake woke Tekem up despite the time. She was hanging off her bed, half her body already on the floor. “Tekem,” Drake said, shaking the wildly sleeping cat. “Wake up. Tekem, wake up.” Tekem shifted, but didn’t wake up. Drake backed up and used his gem to create an energy beam, aiming for Tekem’s tail. “Ah!” Tekem screamed. “Ow! What the heck was that for?” “You need to get up. It’s 5 in the morning.” “And? I don’t care, you know I sleep late!” “Um, you have company?!” “…Oh.” Tekem slid her legs off her bed and stood up, stretching her limbs and yawning. “Yeah, they have to get back to their friend’s place. And I agreed to help them. Ugh…I really need to just ask before saying for now on. I get involved in the most random things sometimes…” Tekem put on her sweatpants and baggy, hole-filled shirt to walk over to the spare room.

    Coming upon it, she lightly knocked on the door and said, “Yo guys, it’s 5 in the morning, but you should head out if you want to make it back at a decent time.” Despite her yelling, she received no response from her friends. “Hey, can you guys hear me?” Still no response. She grabbed the door knob, opening the door. “Guys, you really should…” the cat trailed off when she saw Sonic and Sere in the same room. They were fast asleep, Sere still wrapped up in Sonic’s arms. Sonic was still the ‘Werehog’, his head resting against a pillow propped up on the wall. China and Chip were sleeping as well, planted on top of Sonic’s head. The couple was lop-sided, almost laying on their sides. “Well…” Tekem whispered. “That was uncalled for.” “Guys, I don’t mean to wake you up, but you should head out if you want to make it to your friend’s place,” Drake said. Nobody moved, except for Sonic’s ears and nose twitching occasionally.

    “Ugh…I’ll wake them up. Get breakfast ready, why don’t you?” Tekem asked. “Roger that.” Drake saluted and flew off towards the kitchen. Tekem walked into the room and started to shake Sere. “Hey foxy,” she said. “Wake your sleepy butt up.” While shaking Sere, Sonic was the one waking up from the constant rocking. He started to growl, noting his disruption of slumber. He quickly opened his eyes, baring his fangs at the intruder…until he noticed who the intruder was. “Tekem…” he stated drowsily, rubbing his eyes. “…what are you doing in here?” “I was waking you up if you wanted to get to your friend’s house at a decent hour. Drake’s getting breakfast for everyone.” “Oh great, thanks.” Sonic went to get up until he heard a moan just below him. He looked down, remembering last night’s events.

    “So, what did you two lovebirds do last night?” Tekem asked, with a smirk on his face. Sonic slightly growled at her, answering; “Nothing, she just…needed some comfort.” “Of course, she did, lova-boy.” “Hush.” “I’m just kidding. You can stop baring those daggers at me.” Sonic only looked at her before trying to get up, China and Chip slipping off his head. Sere was gripping onto his arm, not willing to let go. “How the heck is she holding onto me?” he asked out loud. “Hey, what’s up with her arm?” Tekem suddenly asked. She pointed down to Sere’s left arm, with was entangled with her right. It was dark grey, with the purple lines scaling it, all the way up to the fox’s face. The arm looked fragile, not being able to do much of anything. “It’s her bracelet,” Sonic answered. “It’s…killing her.” Tekem gasped, surprised her most treasured friend didn’t say anything about her condition.

    “Look, I’ll go ahead and wake her up. We’ll meet you in the kitchen,” Sonic said. Tekem took a moment to respond, but eventually nodded and walked out the room. Sonic went back to waking up Sere, who was awfully determined to stay on Sonic’s arm. He tried dangling her off the bed or even tickling her face with his nose, but she was barely reacting to anything. “You are one hard sleeper,” Sonic thought to himself. Not wanting to wake up his friend so abruptly, Sonic tried other ways to wake Sere up, from turning the TV on to tapping against the window. Finally, he had had it and shook her saying, “Sere! Just wake up already!” Suddenly, she slipped off his arm, falling onto the bed. “Huh?” she asked, rubbing her eyes. “Where am I? Sonic?” “Hey,” he said. “It’s 5 in the morning, but Tekem’s getting breakfast for us so we can head to Tails’ house. From the looks of things, you slept pretty well.”

    Sere looked around, seeing China and Chip still asleep on the pillow and the door wide open. “Last night…” she mumbled. “You feel better?” Sonic asked. “…Yeah. Thank you.” Sere got up and stretched her limbs, until she felt nothing on her left side. She looked over to see her arm, shriveled up and unable to move. Sere’s eyes widened with fear and she started to panic. “Hey,” Sonic said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “It’s ok. We’re going to make you better. Got it?” Sere looked over at him, her breathing slowing. “Yeah…” she responded. Sonic started to lead her outside until she stopped. “Can I have something to wrap this in? Just to keep it out of sight from others,” she asked. Sonic looked around the room for something to bandage it with until he saw Chip and China still asleep. He took the pillow out from under them, waking them up. He took the pillow case off and started to wrap it around Sere’s damaged arm.

    “There, good as new,” he said. Sere looked at it, seeing the pillow wrapped tightly around her arm, but still unable to feel it. “Thanks,” she slightly smiled. “C’mon, let’s go eat,” Sonic said, walking out the room with Chip and China following. Sere looked at the ‘Werehog’ walking away, then at her damaged arm. Thinking about last night’s events, she looked back at the hero, who was talking to Tekem while grabbing a cup of coffee. She started to smile, seeing just how much of a companion she really has. She walked over to the kitchen, holding onto her left shoulder. “Hey guys,” she said, knocking on the doorway. “Hey, look who’s up?” Drake exclaimed, grabbing a couple bagels from a toaster. “How that arm doing?” Tekem asked. “Oh…it’s ok, I guess. I can’t exactly move it anymore.” Tekem could only look at it before going back to her conversation with Sonic.

    “So, let me get this straight,” she asked, taking a sip of her coffee. “Black Doom, who turned you into your ‘Werehog’ self, is out to kill Sere because he ordered her to get the Chaos Emeralds and instead, you’ve been giving him fake ones for the past couple of months.” “Yes, and I think he set this bracelet to get rid of me,” Sere added, taking a small bite out of her bagel. “We don’t know how long Sere has until that bracelet does its job. All we know is we have to keep Black Doom away from her.” “Alright, first off, this guy seems pretty dumb to be collecting fake emeralds for 3-4 months. You can tell they’re fake when they feel like freaking tin foil. Second off, do you two even have a plan as to how to hide her from Black Doom? I’m pretty certain he can track her with that bracelet.” “Not in my crystal cave, he can’t.” Tekem and Sonic looked over to Sere, who had finished her bagel and was drinking her cup of coffee.

    “What crystal cave?” Tekem asked. “There’s a crystal cave she found as a kid. We stayed there just 2 nights ago,” Sonic answered. “The cave is completely encased with pure crystal, it’s hard for energy signatures to get through that.” Tekem nodded in agreement. “Ok, so we got a place where you can hide, but you can’t stay there forever. We need to be able to get rid of him somehow.” “Can we kill him?” Drake asked. “The guy’s a being made of Dark Gaia-like energy. That and he’s presumably immortal. It’s going to be hard to kill him. It would be wise to not take that chance,” Sonic answered. “Ok, so persuading him is our best option,” China suggested. “Yeah, but persuade him to what?” Tekem asked. Everyone stood there thinking, either sipping their cups of coffee, eating bagels or pieces of bacon. “A trade-off?” Chip finally suggested. “Hm, that could work,” Sere said.

    “What would we trade?” Sonic asked. “What about Sere for the Chaos Emeralds?” Tekem suggested. “No, that’s thing I was trying to keep AWAY from him. Anything else of importance on this planet?” “How about a Gaia bracelet?” Tekem suggested again. “You know, why don’t we pick something that WON’T harm Mobius?” Sonic asked. “Ok, then something fake.” “I’ve been doing that Tekem. I gave him fake Chaos Emeralds for a couple months, for god’s sake!” “I know, but what if you give him something else of importance?” “Like?” Tekem looked back and forth between Sonic and Sere. “What about those crystals you made?” she suddenly asked. “What crystals?” Sonic asked. Sere only looked at them before asking, “China, can you be a doll and grab the black box out of my backpack please?” China nodded in response and flew off to the spare room.

    “Awhile back, China help me create these 6 crystals I could use like the Chaos Emeralds. I had heard of the Chaos energy and Master Emerald and all of that, so I thought it would be good to have something like that in battle with me. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to make my own.” By then, China had come back into the kitchen with a medium sized black box in her hand. It had different designs carved into it. China placed it down onto the nearby table and opened it. There were 6 different colored crystals inside, all shaped like hearts. They were placed in the shape of a flower inside the box. In the middle of the crystal ring, was a small mineral with many cracks running throughout it. “I call them Heart Emeralds,” Sere stated. “They work pretty much the same way as the Chaos Emeralds, except that each emerald individually has its own special power. Sere started to point at each crystal, stating their powers. “The blue one gives you the power to fly, the clear one encases you in a diamond body shield, the red one can cause illusions, the pink one lets you manipulate whoever you want, the green one lets you phase through anything, and the purple one gives you a dark energy boost.”

    “This could work, but there’s only one problem,” Sonic said. Tekem, Sere and the guardians looked at him. “Can you shut these things down? If Black Doom gets that kind of power, then we might as well give him the Chaos Emeralds.” “First off, I wasn’t planning to give these to him anyhow! Plus, the only way their power could be taken away is if their power core is destroyed. It’s wearing out anyway.” Sere pointed to the cracked mineral in the center of the box. “What about a copy of these things?” Chip suggested. “Like, they feel and look real, but they’re duds?” Everyone looked at each other upon Chip’s suggestion. “Yeah,” Tekem agreed. “That may work.” “But how do we make them look and feel like the real deal, but they have no power?” Sonic asked. “Maybe we don’t have to do anything,” Sere said. Everyone was confused by her comment. “Think about it: we give him a canister that we say contains the Heart Emeralds and you do the trade. Instead of having anything in there, I use my illusion charm and make him think and feel they’re there! Then he leaves and wham! He doesn’t know what’s hit him!”

    “I think we’re onto something,” Sonic smiled. By then, the sun was coming up above the horizon. “Alright, let’s head to your friend’s place and tell him the news. For now, get yourselves together and we’ll meet at the front in about 30 minutes?” “Yeah,” both Sonic and Sere said. Drake then took the dishes and cleaned them up, while Sere, Tekem and Sonic got dressed. Sere put her Extreme Gear on and walked out to the front door, until she noticed something off about the lobby. A door, leading to somewhere else outside was wide open. She walked over to it, grabbing her board and China finding her. “Hey, what’s wrong?” the guardian asked, but Sere only shushed her. They walked outside the door, but only found an alleyway. “Look,” China whispered, pointing above to a ladder leading to the roof.

    Sere and China climbed up the ladder to find Sonic standing there with Chip, looking out among the distance. “Waiting for the sun to come up I see?” Sere asked, getting off the ladder and walking towards him. “Yeah, I just…” Sonic trailed off, still looking at the sun rise. “I understand this form is useful and it is, but…why me? Why did he have to shoot me? He could have just fought me and called it a day, not turn me into…THIS.” Sonic looked down at his paws, which were immediately greeted by Sere’s hand. He looked up at her, seeing the smirk upon her face. “What’s so funny?” he asked, a little irritated. “The fact that you still care about how you look. I know that this turn of events have put a little bit of…strain on you, but do you never listen to me?” “I do Sere, and I’m glad you’re fine with this, but I just don’t understand. I thought I had gotten rid of this for good.”

    “You did, but Black Doom re-introduced it to you.” Sonic still seemed upset from everything, so Sere took his paws and spun him around to lay against her. “What are you doing?” he asked, trying to look back at her. “I’m showing you something. Now, pay attention. You see the sunrise just starting to come up?” Sonic nodded in response. “That means a brand-new day. And the moon coming up means nighttime falls, right?” “Where are you going with this?” the blue blur asked. “Just keep listening,” was Sere’s only response. Sonic sighed and nodded yes to her question. “Well, Light and Dark Gaia work hand in hand like how the cycle of days does. They’re always in a constant cycle of repetition. The sun is up, bright as can be, but then night comes and tries to take over, but like all famous fairy tales, the light conquers the dark and it’s happily ever after. So with this, your life is in a constant cycle of good and bad. It will be good at times, but sometimes, bad rolls around and tries to crush it. It may at first, but eventually good wins, the sun comes up and with it, a brand-new day.”

    Just then, the sun cleared the buildings and touched Sonic, causing him to turn back into the traditional blue blur. Sere let go and looked at him saying, “It’s just a cycle. Yes, it may suck to look like that, but you’re not going to be like that forever. I’m telling you, Black Doom did it because he wanted you gone, but he knew I wasn’t going to let that happen. Just deal with it for the time being. Your body remembers the last time it had Dark Gaia’s energy inside of it, which is why instead of dying, you transformed. Technically, it saved your life more than anything, but with Chip, you can get rid of it. At least, until after all of this is over.” “Why until after?” “The feedback from being in an area with large amounts of Dark Gaia energy can have the same effect. It would be better until we can clear him out of the atmosphere to actually turn you back.” Sonic nodded in agreement before following Sere down the ladder. “Thanks,” he suddenly said. “For the pep-talk, I mean. I sort of needed that.”

    “No problem. Anything for a friend.” Sere responded. “There you are!” Tekem called out. “I’ve been waiting for you for hours man!” “Tekem, it’s only been 20 minutes,” Sonic stated. “Oh…well, I still have been waiting for a bit! Come on, we heading to your friend’s or not?” “Of course, we are, let’s go!” Sonic then put his Extreme Gear on, but the outfit from yesterday did not appear. Instead it was the bracelets around his wrists and ankles, and his glasses having green lenses instead of purple. “What happened?” he asked. “Oh, I just made some adjustments to the outfit last night. You like?” “Yeah, it’s awesome.” “Great, now without further ado, let’s get out of here!” With that, the friends took off towards their destination.

Sonic the Hedgehog Chapter 10
Haha, I've officially determined my writing is shit. That's why I've decided to do a sequel to this! I'm going to obviously upload the rest of this first and then just spend some time fixing up the sequel. In my personal opinion (and I'm very judgmental of my work) It's way better than anything I've ever done when I was in elementary school. I think you'll enjoy it. But first, I have to perfect it. So, onto this. 
As always, enjoy.
Sere, Tekem, Drake and China belong to me. Everything else belongs to Sega 

Previous Chapter:…


    Before the group could be on their way back home, Tekem wanted to try out the Extreme Gear, so they went to the top of the maintenance shop. “Are you sure this is going to work?” Sonic asked. “I am 99.99% sure that this will work,” Tekem answered. “So, you’re not sure?” Sonic asked in a serious voice. Tekem stood there for a moment and then answered, “Yep!” in a cheery voice. Sonic just sighed in misery.


    “You’re the first to test the official brand of this thing,” Sere said, pushing Sonic towards the edge. “Wait a sec, I thought others had already bought this stuff?” Sonic asked. “I mean yeah, but they had to send it back to me since I was still trying to get the kinks out of it,” Tekem answered, scratching the back of her head awkwardly. Sonic could only sigh while moving slightly towards the edge, inch by inch, until…he finally jumped…and it worked! His board opened, and he could jump on. Then he yelled, “Whoo-yoo! It worked guys; it literally worked!” Then Sere and Tekem jumped off the building and their boards opened. They caught up with Sonic and sped up to get to the other side of the city.

    Tekem and Sere were doing tricks in the air and Sonic was doing tight turns around cars. Sere started to do circle spins in the air while Tekem was in the middle of the circle. They kept doing this until Sonic got the bright idea to show off his moves. He shot himself up, running into Sere and Tekem along the way and started to do flip tricks on his board. Sere thought in her mind, “Showoff,” as she saw this. So, she decided to do some tricks herself. She went up there and did some of her mixed martial arts moves on the board, all while keeping great balance.

    Then Tekem came up and tried to knock Sere off her board. Then they all tried. It was a game to see who would be the last one standing. Sere did a roundhouse kick on Tekem, but missed. Then Sonic tapped Sere’s shoulder. She turned around, but instead of seeing Sonic’s face, she got a fist to her face! Although didn’t hurt her, Sere acted as if it did. She acted like Sonic broke her nose to get the drop on him. He was reaching over to see her face until she came out and kicked him in the stomach. He almost fell off his board, but he regained his balance. Then they all looked at each other and laughed because it was the most fun that they’ve ever had.

    By then, the sun was almost completely down in Future City. “Sonic?” Sere asked. “It’s ok Sere,” he assured. “Your friend trusts me, right?” “Uh, I mean yeah,” Tekem answered. “If Sere trusts you, then I guess I do, but what does this have to do with the sun being down?” Sonic suddenly grunted and bent down, almost falling off his board. “Uh, Sere, what’s happening?” Tekem asked. “Let’s just say, it’s a condition he has,” Sere answered. The three comrades started to lower their boards until they landed in an alleyway, Sere quickly taking Sonic’s away from him. Sonic walked away, gripping the wall to try and stay upright, panting heavily. “Sere, you still haven’t explained what the heck is going on!” Tekem almost screamed. “Just watch...” Sere assured. “…And don’t scream to the top of your lungs!”

    Sonic screamed and fell to the ground, his glasses falling of his head. He started to dig his fingers into the pavement, growling from the pain. His spine shifted and contorted, making him bigger and taller. His arms grew, threatening to rip his sleeves and gloves, but the leather stayed intact. His teeth sharpened and grew into carnivorous fangs; his ears pointed upward and back, causing him to grip his head; his fur grew longer, his color changing from his bright blue to a navy blue. His quills gained their white tips and his nails grew into claws, Sonic digging them into the ground. His chest was threatening to push out, causing a familiar sound wanting to escape his throat. Tekem was behind Sere, freaking out from everything that was happening while Sere was calm and even worried for her new-found friend.

    “Sonic,” she whispered. “Don’t fight it. Just let it happen. It goes a lot easier if you just trust yourself. You’re not going to hurt anyone. I know you won’t. Trust yourself. Everything else will come as easy.” Sonic, still breathing heavily, tried to stand up, stumbling a couple times. Once he got onto his feet, he stretched his newly transformed legs, back, and arms. He arched his head back, bared his fangs, inhaled as much as he could, and let go the loudest howl Sere and Tekem had ever heard in their lives. It echoed throughout the city, causing windows and street lights to shake about. Sonic even started to pound his chest like a gorilla to get rid of the rest of his energy. Once the echo of the howl ceased, Sonic let his heart slow down and turned to face his friends. Sere stood there, smiling at him while Tekem stood behind her, still shaking in her boots from what she had just witnessed.

    Sonic sighed and rubbed his head. “Look,” he started, “I know this is probably quite scary to you and everything, but I promise I’m not going to hurt you. It’s just a side effect from…helping Sere with her predicament, that’s all. I promise, I’m not going to do anything.” Tekem tried to calm herself down, taking baby steps towards the transformed hedgehog. Getting closer to him, she held out a finger, trying to touch him. Sonic noticed what she was trying to do and held out his arm. “Go ahead,” he said, rolling his sleeve up. “Feel my fur.” Tekem paused, but commenced to run her hand across his fur. Her face then lit up with delight. “Okay,” she said. “I have to admit. This is pretty soft.” Sonic chuckled at her delight. “So, explain to me why you turn into this…werewolf looking thing?” she asked. ”Well…”he started. “Let’s just say,” Sere cut in. “It’s a long story.”


    {While flying in Future City…}

    “And, so that’s how he ended up turning into what you see before you and why he’s helping me,” Sere finished. The group was back up in the air, heading to Tails’ house. “Wow,” Tekem said. “That’s…pretty freaking cool! I want in on your little shin-ding, or whatever you call it!” Sere and Sonic only laughed at her response. Sere then looked up at the stars, admiring how beautiful they looked in the sky, until she spotted something in the distance. “Hey, what’s that?” she asked, pointing towards the object. Tekem looked up and answered, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” “Why not?” Sere asked, putting her hand down. Before Tekem could answer, something appeared in front of them and made them abruptly stop. When Sonic stopped though, his glasses dropped in front of his face. ”Because he’ll spot you if you do,” Tekem finished in her head. “Hello losers,” the thing in front of them said. It was none other than (the idiot of the year) Jet the Hawk. “What do you want, bird poop?” Tekem asked.

    “I told you, my name’s not bird poop! I’ve told you like, 20 times!” Jet yelled. “I know stupid, I just don’t like you,” Tekem thought. Wave walked over to Sonic and asked, “Who are you?” Sonic was surprised and thought, “They must not recognize me…let’s keep it that way.” So, Sonic answered, giving himself the name Diamond. Jet walked over, looked at him, and said, “Aren’t you a little fat to riding a board?” Sonic was about to snarl at him until Sere cut in saying, “Aren’t you a little short to be riding a board?” Jet started to steam while Wave and Storm started to laugh. Sonic and Sere looked at each other. Sonic had the expression in his eyes saying “Thanks!” Sere lightly nodded her head in response.

    “Look here, little girl,” Jet screamed. “I don’t know who you are, but I’ll let you off with a warning: I am the leader of this city and I WILL NOT have some rogue fox making fun of me! Got it?” Sere scowled at the hawk and said, “Um, I don’t care who you think you are, but I won’t have some 2-foot petty bird talk to me in my face like that!” Sonic, Tekem and the others started to laugh even harder from Sere and Jet’s banter, which caused Jet to become even angrier. While Sere looked back her friends, proud of her work, Jet kicked her board away from her, causing Sere to fall off. “Hmph!” he smirked. “Let’s see how you like that!” Jet started to walk away, but Sere was furious. She got up and walked up to Jet, tapping him on the shoulder. “What do you want, pest?” he asked. “I just wanted to say…you forgot something.” Sere whirled back and punched Jet in the beak so hard that he was sent flying off uncontrollably and hit the ground head first! Jet looked up just in time for his board to hit him in the back of the head. “And stay down!” Sere yelled, brushing her hands off from her mighty throw. Sonic almost fell off his board laughing.

    Tekem started to jump up and down uncontrollably, yelling, “Ohhh! Fatality, noob! You just got wrecked by a girl!” “Hey, wait a minute!” Storm called out. “That was uncool. You gonna pay for that!” “Uh oh,” Tekem said. “I think we’ve overdone our stay.” “Get them, you idiots!” Jet demanded, rubbing the large bump on his head. “Hey, watch it Jet! You don’t get to boss me around like you do Storm. I’m just here for the jewels.” Wave said. Suddenly, Storm and Wave started up their boards and took off after the Sonic, Sere and Tekem. “Time to go!” Sonic said, scooping up Sere and Tekem and jumping on his board, the others not too far behind. Sere and Tekem’s boards automatically started to follow them, zipping past the two thieves and allowing Sere and Tekem to jump on. “Where are we going?” Tekem asked. “I don’t know! Anywhere but here!” Sonic exclaimed. They were flying as fast as their boards could take them, the 3 bandits catching up quickly. Just then, the guardians came out of the animal’s pockets, flying closely to them. “Maybe you shouldn’t have made fun of Jet as much as you did,” Chip suggested. “Maybe, but it sure was hilarious!” Sonic laughed. “Why did you call yourself ‘Diamond’ back there anyway?” Sere asked. “I know these guys. I raced them in the World Grand Prix. Jet and I have had a serious rivalry since.”

    “HOLY CRAP, DID YOU BEAT HIM?!?” Tekem exclaimed. Just then a laser nearly missed Tekem’s head. The three turned around to see the Babylon Rogues had blasters. “Get them!” Jet exclaimed. “Oh great, now they’re shooting at us!” Sere said. “We’ve got to get them off our tails!” Sonic stated. “Uh, yeah! Thanks Captain Obvious!” Sere exclaimed. “Well, how do we do that?” Tekem asked. “I think we have an idea!” China suddenly cut in. The three guardians flew to form an aerial triangle around the animals. “Sere, teleport us somewhere! And quickly!” Chip asked. Sere looked down at her bracelet, which was still causing the purple jagged lines to creep up her arm, already halfway up. “I don’t think I have enough power to teleport us somewhere significant!” Sere answered. “It doesn’t matter woman!” Tekem exclaimed. “Just take us anywhere but here!” Sere looked back down at her bracelet and back her friends, who were waiting for her to do something.

    “Alright fine, just huddle together, it will make for an easier teleportation!” she finally said. The 3 friends brought their boards closely together and Sere held out her arm, allowing China to tap into the bracelet. Suddenly, Sere’s gem started to flash repeatedly, causing everyone to shield their eyes. Sere started to become dizzy and fell against Sonic, who caught her just in time to be transported out of harm’s way.


Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfic Chapter 9
Chapter 9 is a go!!! And I added Jet the Hawk!! I literally always hated him when I played Sonic riders, so I thought what better character to piss off my OC character than him! I say it worked out pretty well. As always, enjoy.

Jet the Hawk and friends belong to Sega
Tekem, China, Sere and Drake belong to me

Previous chapter:…

    “Hey, we’ll be right back ok? We’re going out to Future City to go get something,” Sonic told Tails. “Wait, why? You just got back from last night’s events,” Tails asked. “Don’t worry two tails, we’re just going to get some things. We couldn’t find them in stores here so we’re heading out that way,” Sere cut in, trying to sound as innocent as possible. Tails eyed both of them at first, suspicious of What Sere had planned, but he agreed nonetheless. “Just…don’t take too long,” was the fox said before going back to his work. Sonic only nodded while Sere pulled him out the door. After it closed, Shadow turned his direction towards the two-tailed fox. “You trust her?” was all he asked. “No…but do we really have much of a choice right now? If she’s with Sonic, we have eyes on her. Let’s just hope Sonic isn’t falling for her.” Shadow turned his head back towards the door. “I doubt that’s working,” was all the black hedgehog mumbled.


    Sere’s POV

    “This is the place,” I said. Sonic had given me a piggyback ride to Future City. We were standing in front of a small car shop, one I recognized very well. I knocked on the door and a little slit opened where two yellow eyes looked at me. “Stat your name,” the person asked. “Sere,” I answered. The slit then closed and the door opened. Sonic and I walked inside. We saw all kinds of Extreme Gear boards, accessories and more. I walked towards the back to see an office. A cat was working on a board until I knocked on the door. I accidentally disturbed her. “What do you want?” she asked. “Do you remember me?” I asked opening the door wider. She looked at me for a moment…then she sprinted towards me in surprise.

    “Sere, how are you? I haven’t seen you in a long time!” She said. “Hey Tekem, how are you?” I said. Just then, Sonic walked into the room and Tekem saw him. “Who is this?” She asked. “Tekem, this is Sonic. “Sonic, Tekem,” I answered. Tekem walked over to him and said, “Hi. The name’s Tekem. What’s yours again?” “I’m Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog,” Sonic answered. “So, what do you need today, Sere?” Tekem asked. “I need to finish off what I started,” I answered. Tekem immediately became surprised. She and Sonic looked at each other and then back at me. I looked at them both and then a smirk appeared on my face.


    {20 minutes later…}

    “SO, this is the new and improved Extreme Gear suit?” I asked. I was holding a bracelet looking thing. “Yep, so it’s very lightweight, you can take it anywhere with you, and it gives you the best protection for you and your board. Your board even responds to you when you fall off,” Tekem answered. She had the suit on. She had bracelets on her wrist, upper arms, waist, thighs, and ankles. She had sweatpants on and a shirt that only covered her chest. She had orange Extreme Gear glasses and her spiky hair was in a ponytail with some in front of her face. The bracelets were filled with liquid and Tekem’s liquid was blood red. “So, how do you put these on?” I asked. I started to slip on my wrist and then it adjusted to it.

    It then started to form all over my body. My liquid was kiwi green, I had goggles with green lens and accents on the sides, and I had the clothes on that I usually wore in my were-animal form, except for my pants being longer. “Oh…that’s how.” I said. “So, do you like it?” Tekem asked. “Yeah, it’s pretty nifty. Did you make these?” “Of course. I’m the only maintenance shop where you can get gear like this. That’s why I also make it cost a pretty penny.” Tekem suddenly held her hand up, rubbing her index, middle finger, and thumb together. “Oh, come on Tekem. You’re really going to make us pay for all this?” “Are you kidding me? Of course not! Your gear is on the house.” Tekem assured. “Yo, Sonic! How does the gear look on you?” “It’s…interesting, at the most!” Sonic walked out from a fitting room in the back of the shop to meet the others. His outfit was indeed, quite interesting. His shoes had changed from his regular bright red, gold buckle to his Dark Gaian cleats; he wore a biker jacket with gloves to match; he had purple lensed, black glasses and his liquid was a dark purple.

    “Well…you were right. It’s indeed interesting,” Tekem chuckled. Just then something started to blink on Tekem’s wrist. I looked down to see…another ancient Gaia bracelet. “You have one too?” I asked Tekem. “I got it not too soon after you left. Believe it or not, I found this out back. It was buried under a bunch of dirt and roots,” Tekem answered. Just then, the guardian tied to the bracelet come out of hiding. It had red dragon wings and a tail, and its charm was blue, but everything else looked like Chip and China. “Guys, this is Drake. Drake, this is Sere and Sonic,” Tekem said.

    Chip and China flew out from behind Sonic and I and quickly flew towards Drake. They started to hug each other and China said, “I can’t believe you’re here brother.”  All of us started to smile at the guardian’s reunion. “Now we’re a team!” Chip exclaimed. Sonic and I started to chuckle at his comment when Tekem cut in, “I don’t know about that. I would say those two are a bit more than friends if you asked me.” She gestured over to us, which caused me to blush and Sonic to scratch the back of his head. Chip and the others started to laugh, Tekem gripping her stomach out of pure humor. “Alright, alright,” I cut in. “Why don’t we just start heading back? It’s getting late anyhow.” Sonic then perked up, looking at me and outside at the sun. “Oh man!” he exclaimed. “We really should start heading back!” 

Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic Chapter 8
Jeeez, it's been too long. I left because there were some changes I wanted to make to the story all around, so don't be alarmed if I go and make edits throughout some of the chapters. I probably should have made sure it was what I wanted before I uploaded it, but hey, it's my first time doing this sort of thing. Uploading chapters to a story I wrote and stuff. I'll try not to space out the uploads so much for now on, see if I can get a steady schedule or something.

Only the characters Sere, Tekem, China and Drake belong to me. All other characters belong to Sega.

As always, enjoy.




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